WordPress 5.1 Beta 2 Now Available

The latest version of WordPress 5.1 has now reached Beta 2 and is available for testing. We do not recommend using this on a live production website.

How Can I Get It?

There are 2 ways to obtain this release. The first is by downloading and installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin available here. The second is by download it directly from WordPress.org.

WordPress 5.1 is scheduled to be released to the general public on February 21.

What’s New?

Over 110 tickets have been marked as closed since beta 1 was released. Here are the major changes and bug fixes (from their website):

  • Several refinements and bug fixes related to the Site Health project have been made.
  • The pre_render_block and render_block_data filters have been introduced allowing plugins to override block attribute values (#45451, dev note coming soon).
  • get_template_part() will now return a value indicating whether a template file was found and loaded (#40969).
  • A notice will now be triggered when developers incorrectly register REST API endpoints (related dev note).
  • Bulk editing posts will no longer unintentionally change a post’s post format (#44914)
  • Twemoji has been updated to the latest version, 11.2.0 (#45133).
  • A bug preventing the Custom Fields meta box from being enabled has been fixed (#46028).
  • The treatment of orderby values for post__in, post_parent__in, and post_name__in has been standardized (#38034).
  • When updating language packs, old language packs are now correctly deleted to avoid filling up disk space (#45468).

For more information head on over to the official website.