Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting: What I Actually Think

Have you ever been so frustrated with your hosting company that you’ve almost given up completely?  I have, and many times as a direct result of low quality hosting, and as the old saying goes: if your website is slow, your customers will go.  Actually I have no clue who coined that phrase and I only said it because it sounded good.   Moving on!

According to GTmetrix, the average fully loaded time for a website an astounding 7.3 seconds.  Take a moment to think about how long 7 seconds really is while counting the seconds in your head.  Did you get bored?  Would you have preferred to do something else rather than counting to 7 and looking at nothing?  Absolutely!

Did you know that you have approximately 15 seconds to grab a visitors attention before they go somewhere else?  Did you realize that with an average website loading speed of 7.3 seconds you’ve already spent almost half of that time trying to display a page on your website.  NOT GOOD!

Meet Kinsta, your new secret weapon.

Kinsta is a managed WordPress hosting service provider that specializes in one thing and one thing only… really fast WordPress websites.  Alright, I lied — they also have stellar customer support that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced to date, but that just comes hand in hand with their amazing business model.  If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable, managed WordPress host then read on to find out all the details.

A little background

I manage an online shop for one of my clients.  They had hired a freelancer to set up their hosting, and basically someone bought them a VPS from Network Solutions and they put the website on it.  Everything was fine until they ran an ad campaign and traffic spiked at certain times.  The website would crash because of one thing or another and it became quite a burden to manage.  Sure, I could do some performance optimizing at the server level but let’s face it, nobody really wants to do that.  Actually, that’s not true — the developers at Kinsta love doing it, and as it turns out they are really good at it.

Shout out to Kinsta for making my websites super fast all the time!

Why Do I Like Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting?

The truth is I don’t like Kinsta at all.  I LOVE THEM!  Seriously, the entire experience I’ve had with everything from sign-up to go-live has been incredibly pleasant.  Here’s some of the things that set Kinsta apart from all other managed WordPress hosting providers:


They have over 10 years of experience working with WordPress and have poured all that know-how into creating the best managed WordPress hosting solution available today.  The company is literally made up of WordPress developers.  Who else would you trust?


The architecture powering the Kinsta platform has one thing and one thing only on its mind — blazing fast speed.    Have you ever tried to run a WordPress website on a shared hosting plan?  Did you ever run into a situation where the website was fast at one time and then slow another?  Shared hosting is exactly that.  Shared.  This means you’re sharing resources with other people who are also running websites on the same web server as you. TF?

Kinsta uses what the cool kids call “LXD container technology” to isolate your website from the rest of the world, guaranteeing you always have resources available when needed.  They also use things like performance optimized versions of PHP 7, Nginx, a custom in-house cache system and MariaDB to serve blazing fast websites.  They also use the power of the Google Cloud Platform and their 18 global data centers to ensure your website will be served fast all across the world.  Woot!


When it comes to website security Kinsta absolutely has your back.  They monitor your website 24 hours a day to ensure your website is protected against attacks and malicious intent.  DDoS protection, uptime monitoring, hardware firewalls and SSL support are available on all plans.  No more having to worry if the website is down or under attack and we also get to spend more time doing what we do best, running our businesses.

Free site migrations

A lot of people worry about moving their website to a different host because of the logistics in making in happen often require a WordPress migration expert.  Those days are over.

Kinsta offers hassle-free site migrations.  You provide them with a little information and they’ll handle the rest.  It really couldn’t be any easier.  Their team of migration experts will handle the entire process for you with absolutely no downtime involved.  I could handle this process myself, but why would I bother when Kinsta is so happy to help and could probably do it blindfolded.  Less stress = happy days.

Daily Backups

A full backup of your websites is done at least once daily.  More frequent backups (every 6 hours) are available for an additional fee, and provide additional restore points for highly dynamic websites that require it.  You get to rest easy knowing that a full backup of your website is available at the push of a button.  This makes me so happy.

The “Hack Guarantee”

Here’s something that only Kinsta offers its customers — a guarantee that:

If your website is hacked we guarantee that we’ll fix it for you with immediate priority. Our technicians have years upon years of experience dealing with all sorts of WordPress issues and will restore your site to perfect working condition.

Wow! This service alone makes everything all worth it.  There’s nothing better than knowing you’ve got superhero ninjas on your side, 24/7.  You won’t get this kind of commitment from the other guys.  I promise you.

Actual photo of Kinsta support person

“Award-Winning” Support

I say award-winning in quotes because I don’t actually believe there are awards for customer support, but if there was, Kinsta would definitely take home every one they had to offer.  Say goodbye to the mediocre support offered by other hosts using people who, 90% of the time, have no clue what they’re even talking about.

When you reach out to Kinsta support, you’re not talking to some person who was hired to respond to support requests.  You’re talking to an actual WordPress developer who is guaranteed to understand any WordPress related issues you’re dealing with.  They probably dream about WordPress every night and eat breakfast in front of the command-line.  You’ve never seen customer support like this before and it stands in a league all on its own.  You won’t be able to convince me I’m wrong, trust me.

They have actual WooCommerce support

Kinsta is the first managed WordPress host I’ve found that handles WooCommerce like a boss.  Most hosts drop the ball when it comes to websites that need to run WooCommerce and Kinsta saves the day with their blazing fast servers.  Time is money, friend.

If you would like to view more details on services & features click here.

The Dashboard

The Kinsta dashboard, called MyKinsta, is a simple and easy to navigate control panel built from the ground up with efficiency in mind.  Most control panels are cluttered and full of things I have no desire to explore and MyKinsta cuts all the fat out, providing you with everything you need to manage your websites efficiently.

MyKinsta Dashboard
The MyKinsta Dashboard main screen.

Inside the MyKinsta Dashboard you can manage your websites & migrations, you can modify your DNS entries, view analytics & billing, or even read the user guide which is packed full of useful knowledge everyone should know.  The interface is clean and intuitive and navigating around doesn’t take a degree in rocket science.  What a breath of fresh air.


I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “wow, I bet this costs a fortune”, but the truth is it’s very affordable to get started.  In fact, you can get started today for as little as $30 a month.  You can also do what I did and pay for a year in advance, which gives you 2 months free.  The lowest tier plan is good for 1 website with 20,000 unique visits or less each month (easily tracked via analytics) and offers 5GB of disk space, a free CDN, and a free SSL courtesy of Let’s Encrypt!  Each higher tiered plan offers more visits, more disk space, and additional installs of WordPress.

Click here to view current plans and pricing.


After several months have passed I can honestly say that there hasn’t been a single issue with anything.  Everything just works as expected and I have no complaints thus far.  My client is incredibly happy with the results.  If you want super-fast & reliable managed WordPress hosting then look no further.  They even offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case you aren’t happy, which I doubt would ever happen.  Prove me wrong, I dare you. 😉

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